Our Worship Pillars

We value substance over style in our worship.  We believe that a church doesn't have to utilize professional musicians in order to worship God.  We do strive to grow in excellence so as not to distract from the supremacy of Christ. But our worship offering derives its value from its dependence up Christ, not the flashiness of our abilities.

1. God-Centeredness.  We do not shy away from the weightiness of rejoicing in God's glory.  We expect God to powerfully manifest his presence among us.  There is an earnestness and intensity that marks our passion to worship God.  We celebrate the sorrowful yet always rejoicing aspect of biblical Christianity.   

2. Bible-saturated.  God's special revelation of himself is contained in the Bible alone.  The Bible earns a special place in our worship.  We read from it, sing from it, pray from it, preach from it, and respond to it.  We believe that as we walk in God's Word, the Spirit of God leads us in God's will.   

4. Christ-exalting and-gospel-explicit.  Christ is the way for us to be saved.  He is the temple by which enter into God's presence.  The gospel is the good news that God is pleased with us because of Christ's obedience reckoned to us as our own obedience.  This frees us from  performance and works-based worship.  Our best will never be good enough for God.  But, God's looks at us through the gospel.  Christ has atoned for our half-hearted worship and bestowed on us his God-pleasing worship.  God views our worship as the best worship of the Son of God.

5.  Head and heart worship.  Our worship seeks to move both the head and the heart to worship.  We respond in faith and trust to the revealed Word of God.  We respond with emotions appropriate to the truth declared.  God is not glorified only by cool logic, but also by fiery emotion.  We want God to be worshipped fully with our head in theological understanding and our heart in doxological exultation.

6. Authentic communication.  From a leadership standpoint, we want to lead from weakness.  Christ is the power of our strength when we gladly boast in our weakness.  So, rather than focus on our performance, we focus on our identity in Christ.  We want to be authentic about our weakness, need for the gospel, and strength in Christ.    

7.  Congregational Involvement.  Worship is not something to be observed.  We should be caught up into worshipping the Lord. To help incorporate the congregation into actively participating in worship, we often read Scripture together and pray congregational prayers together along with singing together.  The congregation is challenged to engage in the sermon and respond in faith with both the head and the heart in the obedience of sanctification.