Our Denomination

Pillar of Grace Church is affiliated with The Christian & Missionary Alliance denomination. The C&MA is a global denomination with a heavy emphasis on the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Bible as the Word of God, and the missional command to make disciples. We are in The North Central District.

“When Alliance founder A. B. Simpson left a lucrative pastorate in New York City, he had a call from God to reach the lost masses both in New York and around the world. Prostitutes, longshoremen, and the homeless received the reconciliation message that all people are eligible for Christ’s amazing grace. He established the New York Gospel Tabernacle to bring likeminded people together into an organization that could facilitate outreach ministries. And he set up the Missionary Training Institute (MTI) to provide training and resources for men and women God was calling to take the gospel to the world.

During that time, Simpson’s group sent out the first team of missionaries to the Congo in 1884. Since then, thousands of people have followed God’s call to serve Him through The Alliance in the United States and abroad. In 1974, The Christian and Missionary (C&MA) officially became a denomination, but it still had at its core a heart for overseas missions. Past Alliance president Dr. L. L. King said of the C&MA that it “was not established as a mission divorced from the normal activity of a church, but a church which had within it the life and function of a mission…. The mission came first and the church grew out of a mission.”

Today, the C&MA focuses on planting churches in the United States and overseas. More than 800 missionaries and workers minister in 50-plus countries planting churches and training national church leaders, providing relief and development assistance, medical and dental care, and microenterprise projects. Nearly 2,000 churches in the U.S. minister Christ’s love to their communities and cities.”[1]

“More than 400,000 believers worship in 28 languages in 2,000 U.S. C&MA churches every week.
Across the world, 3.5 million people gather in 20,000 alliance churches and church groups.
In 81 countries, our Alliance family is making disciples, planting churches, reaching neighbors, and sending works”