Listen to How He Pleads: Writing Leave Day Two

December 2, 2015 | by: Elijah Layfield | 0 comments

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Second day of my writing leave: My dissertation is sitting at 255 pages. Today I spent time looking at how Mark uses the word gospel. It was interesting to note how only Matthew and Mark use the word gospel (but never define it). The word gospel is absent from the gospels of Luke and John. I was also very encouraged to read a sermon by Clement of Alexandria, who died in AD 215. Listen to how he pleads:

Believe him who is man and God; believe, O man. Believe, O man, the living God, who suffered and is adored. Believe, you slaves, him who died; believe, all races of men him who alone is God of all men. Believe, and receive salvation as your reward. Seek God and your soul shall live. He who seeks God is concerned with his salvation. Have you found God? Then you have life. Let us then seek, in order that we may live. The reward of seeking is life with God. (Clement, Protrepticus, 10).

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